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Another annoyance

Another annouance I've recently come across. Ubuntu.

There was a time when I swore blind by Ubuntu. It was easy to manage, flexible, powerful and fast. That time has now passed.

Up until Ubuntu 10.04, I was relativly happy. I had my laptop themed out the way I wanted. There were a few "niggles", but nothing to leave me pulling my hear out.Then they released Ubuntu 11 series. I got this silly idiotic "windows style" nag box every few hours.

A new release is available now!, along with a huge UPGRADE NOW button, and no cancel button. Ok, the omission of the cancel button was no big issue, you could close the nag with the window close gadget.But it kept on reappearing and reappearing.. It felt like once an hour, although realistically, it was only once a day. Ubuntu REALLY wanted me to upgrade, and badly.

So what the hell, this is a portable PC, can always wipe and reinstall. I let it upgrade, and now I am bald through tearing my hair out.

  • First of all, the upgrade took nearly 6hrs to download. This is partially understandable, a lot of people were upgrading.

  • Secondly, once downloaded, the upgrade installation took 5 hours, Wait what? 5 hours? Thats LONGER than a clean install takes (15 minutes).

  • Thirdly, Unity. This has to be the most productivity unfriendly DWM (desktop windows manager) I have ever had the misfortune to encounter.

    • It removes the Gnome Panels, and replaces them with a single "dock", which is glued immovably to the left hand side of your screen. You can't move it, remove it, or change it in any way, except to remove or add icons. The act of removing or adding icons, they call "unpinning" and "pinning". Yay, this is already starting to feel like Microsoft Windows(tm).

    • It also, acts as your task switcher (thank GOD alt-tab still worked. That is you have to mouse all the way over to the left hand side, wait for the dock to slide out from its hidden position (oh yeah, I forgot to mention, it autohides), then click on the icon representing the task you want to switch to.

      Some of you will be saying "no biggie", and while thats true, for some reason, I find it a lot more effort to move the mouse all the way over to the left hand side of a 1440 pixel wide screen, than just moving it down to the bottom of a 900 pixel wide screen, and then I have to wait for the dock to slide out, which isn't exactly speedy.

    • Starting an application is a PITA too. If the application is not pinned to the dock, you have to click the "Applications" link, then start typing its name in the search box, till it appears. What happens if you don't know its name? I have no idea.

  • I posted on the Ubuntu forums, and someone suggested changing my session from Unity to Ubuntu Classic when I log in. I tried this. Whaddya know. Ubuntu had only gone and renamed Gnome 2 as "Ubuntu Clasic". Discovering this, I was reasonably placated.

  • 2 days later. Oh look, an update. *Updates*Reboots*

  • ...


  • The update had removed Gnome 2 ENTIRELY. Not renamed it, again. REMOVED it. The only session I had available to choose from on login, was Unity.

They need to start being honest, and just rename it "Ubuntu Windows - A subsidiary of the Microsoft Corporation".

They took away all my choices, and forced me to use what they thought was good. Im off to either Mint ir Debian.



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